6 Ways To Let Them Know You Love Them

You can talk the talk but sometimes you need to show someone just how much they mean to you. So I am going to try and give you 6 idea’s on how to let them know that you love them

  1. If you aren’t the one that usually cooks the meals, why not make something delicious! 

    I'm not an amazing cook but I helped make lasagne
    I’m not an amazing cook but I helped make lasagne
  2. Buy the occasional inexpensive present. This could be their favourite chocolate or even some ice cream. (fyi my favourite gift is some magic stars..just in case you need to know)
  3. When an argument occurs keep your tone soft. Shouting can only lead to making the situation worse and can ultimately lead to saying stuff neither of you actually mean. This is a different way of showing that you care but I am sure your partner will appreciate it in the long run.yell
  4. Compliment your partner at least once a day. A compliment can go a long way, especially if they are having a bad day. so nice in that shirt
  5. Take the time out to ask how their day has gone. Communication is the key and listening to your partner is very important in a relationship.
  6. Act as if you love them. I know that this can come hard to some people but there are loads of simple things that you can do. Running them a bath after a long day at work, giving them a kiss every morning and evening, just giving them a text to let them know you are thinking about them during the day or even taking them out for a meal instead of staying in. 

These should be a good start place but finding your own ways to show your partner just how you feel will make it all that bit more special. Speak to you soon!

Wake me up when september ends….please?


So it is now officially september meaning that we are all back to work, school, university or anything boring like that booo! But I have only just come back from my first holiday! What?! Well to tell you the truth, I booked a sun holiday and went to sunny North Wales to enjoy the last week of holidays with my family.

So this post today is just me ranting about how fast this year has gone. Seriously, it is September what on earth happened to January? Soon it will be December which only means one thing, CHRISTMAS!!! Ok I love christmas but only because I get to watch loads of my favourite films, drinking hot chocolate by a roaring fire absolute bliss. But it still means that I have to go back to university and work for a couple of months in order to get to December. But this time next year I will no longer be a university student, which means that I have no clue what I am going to do once I have graduated waaaaaaah! 

So, back to my holiday! Today’s post is going to be very lazy because of it and that is why there are no pictures. Sorry not sorry. But if this did not excite you, try reading my other posts I have just published you had me at ‘hello’ I have a sister and I am not afraid to use her! or why not try keeping that spark alive with three simple tricks

Let me know what you have been up to this holiday! I will speak to you soon 🙂

Calling all freshers!

So now that I am going into my third year sob sob I realised that some of you guys will be freshers this year!! Honestly, I do not know where the time has gone, I swear I was a fresher a couple of months ago. So with all my wisdom I shall give you some advice of what I wish I knew when going to university.

Join societies !

so when I was a fresher I only joined two societies and the first one has done nothing at all (something I’m hoping will change this third year) and the second just ended up closing after 3 weeks…awkward. So I wish I had joined a couple more societies in order to meet people! Seriously these societies will allow you to find like minded people that enjoy the same activity as you. So take advantage during freshers fair to join about 4 societies. Any more and you may have a lot of juggling on your hands! Any less and you risk repeating my mistake (not good fresh meat, not good).

Do not buy a tv licence

Do not buy a tv licence until you have moved in properly. This is because you can see if the tv has an aerial port and if you will even have time for tv! If you are wanting to watch tv, I suggest to watch it live on your laptop because you will still be under your parents tv licence! That is if you haven’t got your laptop plugged into any mains. So that is one money saving tip for you 🙂

Budget, Scrimp and Save

You will find that if you do not budget for nights out you may quickly lose all of your loan by the end of freshers week ! (do not be that person!!) Buying own brands can taste the same as any named brand so be a scrimper and save that way! Or like I did, share the costs of a food shop with friends and cook group meals.

Work hard, play hard

Just like that great song, you need to work hard first year to set that work ethic because second year is where your motivation drops, so try to get into the habit of grafting. But whilst you aren’t in the library play hard! It is your first year without curfews and being questioned by your parents why you are home so late so enjoy the freedom!

Bring your home with you

You will get home sick, especially with those pesky hangovers. So having photos of friends, posters and that cuddly toy that you cuddle up to will be a godsend when you are homesick. Plus it will feel more like home rather than just a room you are staying in for a year.

2014-06-19 09.18.22
I don’t think you want your room to look this bare

Don’t pack too much clothes

If you are anything like me, you buy clothes quite often. So try not to bring your whole wardrobe up with you. Ask yourself will you wear this over the winter cold months? or are they summer clothes? Chances are, if they are your summer clothes don’t bring them up until next semester. Your wardrobe will probably be small when you move in so having clothes you wont wear until 6 months later there is no point bringing it up until Semester 2!

Well freshers, I hope that you enjoy your first taste of freedom. I will speak to you soon!

Are you kissing the right person??

There are many ways to find out on your date whether you and that other person are compatible. But research has shown that kissing could be the ultimate way to find out whether you are sexually attracted to this person and if they are a suitable partner. Or not as it can turn out….which is what I talk about in my post Finding Mr. Wrong

Why is kissing so great you ask? Well, it is because a single kiss can produce several hormones all at once. That is, if you are kissing the right person. If you are kissing someone that …well..lets put it nicely, feels like you are kissing your brother. That is because when you kiss your ‘brother’ those pleasure hormones aren’t being produced at all.


Right that’s enough talk about awkward kissing. Lets get to the good stuff!!

When you kiss the right person various hormones will be released. Such as oxytocin which is thought to reduce stress and increase levels of trust, explains why you feel so calm about kissing them afterwards. Dopamine which is a rewarding hormone is also released as you are kissing that perfect person ❤ So these two hormones are very important as they are the ones responsible for letting you know whether you two are compatible or not.

Can you remember your first kiss? Let me know in the comments below and I will speak to you very soon!

Keeping that spark alive with three simple tricks

Starting a new relationship means that you will encounter the honeymoon stage. This is where you two are still infatuated and everything is coming up roses sigh what a good feeling huh? 

So, what if I said that there are ways to keep that honeymoon feeling alive. Interested? Sure you are 🙂


Do you remember when you first got together and you were going out nearly all the time? But now you just stay in and watch some tv. Well research has shown that taking time out of your busy lives to just go out and enjoy each others company away from technology it can keep that spark alive.


So going back to spending time with each other away from technology…. couples who read to each other at night stay together longer than couples who don’t. Imagine falling to sleep, cuddling up to your other half whilst they read you to sleep. Absolute bliss 🙂

Spend time apart! 

As a couple you need to spend time apart so you have time to miss each other which is how you feel constantly during the honeymoon stage. Plan a day out with your friends or go on an adventure by yourself !

I have only mentioned three points in this post because I like to keep things short and sweet, just like you! ❤ so, leave me a comment if you would like to know more! Speak to you soon 🙂

Walking Among Butterflies

Last week I travelled back up to Leeds to see some friends. Whilst I was there, I managed to go to Tropical World ! I must admit, as I was waiting in line I felt very out of place not bringing a child with us, however, we are all children at heart so why does that matter? Well, I was wrong to feel out of place because Tropical World wasn’t just for children thank goodness

First off, the price of the ticket was only £5 for an adult ticket and since you could return more than once that same day it was well worth the money! Plus since it was typical British weather I was so happy to hear that everything was indoors

Walking among butterflies has always been my favourite thing and I was so happy to spend however long I wanted taking pictures and attempting to get a butterfly to land on me. Then we walked passed a crocodile a baby one too! So cute :3 sadly that was crowded with the children so I couldn’t stay there for long. But Tropical World also offered a room to walk among birds, taking a look at piranhas and other reptiles plus some gorgeous owl monkeys!  2015-08-14 11.33.48

Oh..and not forgetting meerkats 😀 Seriously so cute! But unfortunately I can’t show you those photo’s since there were a lot of children gathering round the entire space but here, have this one!

Just goes to show that it doesn’t matter what age you are, you are never too old to go to Tropical World so if you are ever in Leeds. Check it out!! Let me know what places you have been to this summer, I will speak to you soon!

You had me at ‘Hello’

I am a sucker for cheesy pick up lines. I am not sure why, because they never work on me but it shows that the person is confident enough to make an absolute fool of themselves as I laugh way too hard at their attempt of a pick up line. So today I thought I would talk about some of my favourite pick up lines.

#5 Are you a camera? Because every time I look at you, I smile.

Why yes, yes I am good sir. Let me flash you for a while…

#4 I am trying to fill up my phone book but I seem to be missing yours.

What a smooth way to get someone’s number in a cheesy way. I would most definitely laugh and pass you my (old) number.

#3 You must be Windows 95 because you’ve got me feeling so unstable.

If you are cute and you show that you are nerdy? Er. Yes Please!

#2 You look so familiar… didn’t we take a class together? I could’ve sworn we had chemistry.

I can smell the cheese from here!

#1 You’re so beautiful that you made me forget my pickup line.

Good, because although I love my pickup lines I would rather you be genuine and make me laugh with your own quirky jokes.

Leave me a comment about your favourite pick up lines. I will speak to you soon!

Finding Mr. Wrong

Ladies, have you ever realised that sometimes you fancy some really butch man and other times a really sensitive and attentive one?

Well science has now given us the answer why this happens! The answer is the beautiful(ly annoying) menstrual cycle. Depending where you are in your cycle it can affect what type of male you are attracted to although I think I am always partial to a bit of Tom Hardy. 

Let me explain…

If you are ovulating erg horrible name then apparently women are more attracted to a guy who is the stereotypical male because these guys are the ones who will do the nasty with you and help produce a baby.

However during your time of the month my favourite excuse for eating junk food ladies are more attracted to those slightly more feminine guy. You know the ones. They are probably those guys you have friend zoned and then during this time you may fancy for a week or two then realise that you fancy your best friend..awkward. Definitely NOT me …


Hopefully this snippet of information will be useful for you, so you can use it to your advantage perhaps when you do not want to get in sticky situations with you guy best friends 😉

Comment below with your celebrity man crush and I will speak to you soon!

I have a sister and I am not afraid to use her!

Having a close knit family always has their uses, especially if you have a sibling. However, family cannot always fight your battles unfortunately.

For example, this week I had to deal with my phone company about an expensive bill they charged me eugh. I never learnt how to really deal with complaining and it is certainly an adult activity that’s for sure! But from listening to my mother enough times I realised certain phrases that I could use to stick up for myself whilst talking to customer services thank you mum!! 

But I realised when I joined uni that learning how to complain was not the only adult thing I hadn’t learnt from my family. Stuff such as how to spend your money not on clothes apparently. That also includes how to manage money such as setting up gas and electric bills and paying them on time. I honestly wouldn’t mind turning back the years and being 10 years old again, that way the only thing that I would have to worry about is party invites and if my friend Milly was still my friend ahh life was so much easier! 

Is there something you feel you had to learn yourself? If so comment below 🙂 I will speak to you soon!

My boss is a psychopath!

The media has managed to change people’s perceptions of what a psychopath actually looks like.

There are several misconceptions of what a psychopath actually is. Some people will jump to the image of Hannibal Lecter


But in actual fact, psychopaths live undetected around us. Most psychopaths do not live up to the stereotypes of them being mass murderers, violent and have at some point in their lives been convicted of a crime. In fact, the scariest part is that most psychopaths are excellent leaders and are very good at manipulating others; traits that are desirable for highly paid positions in a company. However, there are signs that you can use to see if your boss is a psychopath.

Work place bully

One sign that someone is a psychopath is that they are usually the main contributor to workplace bullying. He/She may also play on other people’s emotions in order to achieve what they want from other people.

Micro management

This is where becoming a leader is great for any psychopath. They like to move people around, unnecessary workplace rearrangements, monitoring toilet and cigarette breaks – or any kind of breaks for that matter! If you feel like you’re being micro managed then watch out!

Single as a Pringle (other crisps available)

Unfortunately, psychopaths aren’t very good at feeling emotions but can mimic emotions pretty well. But since mimicking can only get you so far, romantic relationships tend to break down pretty quickly. This means that although they can find partners quite fast due to their charm, they find it hard to maintain them.

Well I hope you enjoyed reading this quick post about psychopaths. Speak to you soon!