Commit to be Fit

So every once in a while I want to talk about my road to a healthier and fitter me and hopefully inspire you! Commit to be Fit will be updated once a month or maybe even less depending on how much progress I am making.

My other half is a personal trainer and a gym fanatic unlike me who has never been that much into exercise except for the occasional dance lessons I attend when I am back at home. So when I weighed myself the other day I found that I weighed 11 stone which for me is not a good weight as I was only 9 stone just over a year ago (yikes!). Therefore in these posts I will be talking about what I am eating, how I am training and more importantly if I am losing any weight!

xercise4less gym

I started this journey on the 13th April when I decided to book myself onto some classes at the gym and have a personal trainer help me once a week with weight lifting to add muscle. I managed to book myself onto three classes: zumba for cardio, yoga for balance and flexibility and core conditioning for my abs. But exercising is not the only way to be fit, you also have to eat food that is nutritious and healthy.

vegetable basket

For a while I have started to eat a lot healthier but I still fall over the hurdle when I walk past a fast food restaurant or when I go to the cinema and buy the popcorn (my personal fave!). Somehow the food just seems to call to me, especially those fries at McDonnalds ! I don’t know what they put in the fries they are absolutely the perfect comfort food for me. But anyway! I am sure I will find a better alternative.

Comment below if you are committing to be fit I would love to know 🙂 Speak to you soon!


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