Royally Good Birchbox Review

Recently I watched Kaeyi Dream’s old YouTube video of her Birchbox. After watching her review of her box I rushed to their site and ordered one and I am so glad I did!

For £12.95, I managed to get the ‘Royally Good’ box in pink. So usually Birchbox give you 5 items but since I was a new subscriber I managed to get an extra sample from Laura Mercier where I could choose either their Foundation Primer, Mascara or Eye Pencil. Unfortunately the Foundation Primer went like hot cakes, which would have been my first choice as I love primers. So instead I chose the Eye Pencil which came in Black Violet. In addition to this Birchbox sent me

  • Lola Barcelona Nail Polish in Born which is a lovely nude colour that has purple hue’s and a little added sparkle
  • Number 4 Lumiere d’Hiver Super Comb Prep & Protect, which is a hair spritz
  • Liz Earle Beauty Co Cleanse and Polish + a free Muslin Cloth !
  • Korres Citrus Showergel which smells amazing at first wiff
  • Inner Me Engergise Me, a vitamin supplement


So lets start with the Laura Mercier Eye Pencil which has been priced at £17.50, which I think is a little pricey for any eyeliner!. Although I love adding a bit of colour to my eye’s this product for me was a little disappointing. Not only was it really hard to put the eyeliner on the bottom and top of my eye for added colour it also was not as bright as it looked on the casing. However, I have now been wearing this for 5 hours and with most eyeliner’s they would have worn off or been smudged by now which this one has not so that is an added bonus!


Lola Barcelona Nail Polish in Born. I bite my nails often and so I do tend to use a lot of nail polish to try to stop myself from biting my nails and I must say that this nail polish is great! It was a really easy application, did not smell like normal polishes do and the nude colour had an added sparkle that was not too obvious but it helped make the nails look shinier at only £7.50, I would recommend to anyone that likes to wear nude nail varnish but needs something a little different.


Number 4 Lumiere d’Hiver Super Comb Prep & Protect costs £20 and is supposed to add strength and de-tangle your hair after it has been towel dried. I have only used it once and having curly and frizzy hair I found that it really did de-tangle my hair and has slightly reduced the frizz. Since I used it just before I went to sleep I was surprised when I woke up to find that my hair did not have many knots in and my hair felt so smooth !


Liz Earle Beauty Co Cleanse and Polish + a free Muslin Cloth was a first for me. I have never used a cleanse and polish product before so when I used this I loved that they included a muslin cloth with the product. I found that this smelt really nice when I applied it to my skin in the morning and my skin felt so soft and clean after I took it off I know for a fact that once I have finished this sample I will be buying more of it. The product was priced at £14 for just the Cleanse and Polish alone however, if you wished to purchase the starter kit it would be an extra £1.50 so I guess that is not too bad for a high quality skin product.


Korres Citrus Showergel claimed that it would help hydrate skin and is priced at £8. Since I have dry and sensitive skin I have always found it hard to find a product that does hydrate my skin and not irritate me. When I smelt the product in the bottle it smelt lovely but when I used it in the shower it smelt like men’s aftershave, a very odd contrast. Although on a lonely night when I wish I had someone to cuddle up to I could use that and pretend, on a normal day I don’t think I would use it!   Inner Me Energise is an energy-boosting blend of minerals and vitamins which costs £10. It came in a 4 week supply and there was no powerful smell when you take one of the tablets, although if you really smelt it, it would smell of the typical vitamin smell. One massive plus for me is that it contains creatine which is great if you are wanting to look more toned and you are exercising regularly. However, it does not contain as much as I would have liked, and so in fact the creatine in these tablets may not even make a difference.

I have been taking this product for 3 weeks now and I can already feel myself more alert, less stressed and I find it so much easier to wake up in the mornings now! Additionally, I really like how they have a day for each supply, so above you will see a photo I took of the inner packaging for you so apologies for the bad quality.

For my first ever Birchbox I am pleasantly surprised and I will definitely be buying another one! If you would like to purchase one use the link below.

Comment below and tell me what is your one beauty product you cannot live without. Speak to you soon!


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