How to survive lectures

sleeping student

Lectures are an important aspect of uni life right? Some teach you valuable lessons about not coming in hungover and some teach you that sleeping during one really does help pass the time. However some are vital for exams and future assignments so here’s a quick guide to survive those troublesome lectures.

1. Bring food or drink!


Early mornings or late afternoon lectures can lead you feeling rather hungry! So bring some biscuits, energy bar, water or even energy drinks to help you through the 2 hour lecture. Not only does it fill you up, but it also helps keep your concentration

2. Record your lectures


If you’re planning on going to sleep or you know that you won’t be able concentrate using a voice recorder can really help! (Although that does mean you have to listen to the lecture again at a later date)

3. Make notes before the lecture 

Yes I know, it’s a bit tedious but it does mean that you can do a lot less writing during the lecture and it gives you an extra hand when organising your revision notes or even focusing on parts to add into your assignment.

4. Doodle!


Some people actually find it easier to take in information when doodling. Even if you aren’t a good artist now you can perfect your skills of drawing eyes, stars and even depicting what is going on in your lecture. Additionally it makes you look like you’re doing work and that’s always a plus.

5. Play Bingo 


So you’ve decided to try and concentrate on your lecture but you can’t ! Try playing the classic game bingo. All you have to do is guess 10 words that the lecturer can say make it as easy or as difficult as you want and cross out the words as they are said. If you want to make it even more competitive try bringing your friends into it!

So that’s all for today. Class dismissed !


2 thoughts on “How to survive lectures

  1. Gosh, this made me laugh! Last year we were only 12 per lecture… dropping off was so much harder to hide 😉 Also, I thought it was astounding how many researchers with doctorates in EDUCATION were terrible teachers and capable of saying “don’t read your notes on Powerpoint” while reading their notes on Powerpoint.
    Thank you for visiting and following my blog!


    • Ah see we used to have 150 ..this year 120, but only 50% turn up..on a good day haha. Well I’m hoping when I become a lecturer I will learn from these mistakes, but how weird if they have a doctorate in education haha!

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