Free Your Mind- Birchbox Review

This month Birchbox released the theme ‘Free Your Mind’. This theme is based on letting your creative juices flow and from that their Birchbox design can be totally unique to the individual with a simple colour-me-in pattern (which has taken me 5 hours so far).

2015-05-09 23.55.14

This month’s box featured the London nail company WAH London and new subscribers are given the chance to pick a nail art pen, nail polish or press on nails ! This box came with 6 items;

  1. Vinoperfect Radiance Tinted Moisturiser – Caudalie (£27)
  2. Nail Polish- WAH London (£7)
  3. Moisturising Sea Salt Spray- Parlor (£17)
  4. Caribbean Sun Bronzer Duo- Jelly Pong Pong (£15.95)
  5. Youth Activator Mask- Absolution (£29)
  6. Lumier d’Hiver Reconstructing Masque (£36)

Vinoperfect Radiance Tinted Moisturiser


I received this moisturiser in a Light colour as my skin is quite pale and the first time I tried it I put my normal moisturiser on first and then this. This product gave great coverage and smelt lovely! I can’t quite put my finger on what it smells like but trust me-its lovely! This moisturiser aims to treat and brighten the skin whilst adding some light coverage to your face which is great for the summer. The nozzle is the best part of this product as it allows you to control how much you want rather than a load of it accidentally coming out all at once.

Nail Polish – Peel Slowly and See


This was a fantastic yellow colour that really made your hands have that summer feel. However, it was pretty hard to put onto your nails without the varnish clumping. Another downside for me is that it started to flake the very same day, so for me I did not like the nail varnish but I am wanting to try their custom press-on nails.

Moisturising Sea Salt Spray


This bottle is full of sweet almond oil and vitamin-rich algae to keep your scalp nourished and to add plenty of texture. I like the smell of this, although combining the smell with the moisturiser is a little overwhelming and does not mix well. This works well with my fine and frizzy hair and is a BirchBox Exclusive! So I was very happy to receive this in my box especially since the weather in England is getting hotter.

Caribbean Sun Bronzer Duo

bronzerduoThis came in a pocket sized case and included a bronzer and a blusher. It’s infused with argan and mango butter for a naturally moisturising colour and it doesn’t irritate my skin either which is great! Unfortunately when mine arrived the bronzer was no longer stuck in the case and so it does move around when I carry it around, but apart from that it is a really nice travel sized duo.

Youth Activator Mask


This bottle is really small, especially since it costs a whopping £29! However, this contains a rare vitamin called vitamin U- yeah, I never heard of it either! Without going into the science, this helps to promote epidermal growth and unlike every other mask, when applied its as if you’re just putting on moisturiser! I left it on for 10 minutes and wiped it off with warm water and the results were amazing, my skin was super soft and it felt really hydrated. If I wasn’t such a poor student I would probably end up buying this product again.

Reconstructing Masque

The tester package it came in was a sachet, which is extremely annoying to open when you’re in the shower! This is supposed to be used after shampooing your hair and left on for 5 minutes. It aims to moisturise the hair and leave it smooth, strengthened and shiny. I unfortunately did not see those results after the first use and it seems like I have one last go to persuade me to buy it, which I can’t see it doing. At £36 I am not convinced and I don’t think I will buy that product again as I don’t think it is right for my hair type.

If you are interested in getting this month’s BirchBox click here and if you liked this one, why don’t you check out my review of last month’s box.

Tell me what your favourite product is in the comments below and I will respond back. Speak to you soon!


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