I Have Nothing To Wear!!!! -My experience with a personal stylist

Since January I managed to get myself into a bit of a rut where no matter what I did, I hated what I was wearing, feeling frumpy and very tom-boyish which is no longer my sort of style. So being inspired by EssKayJii I decided I would hire a personal stylist.

nothing to wear

Although I am only 19 years old, being at university has helped me develop the person I am today and I felt that my clothes just didn’t reflect my personality anymore. Deciding a personal stylist was not hard, I did a local search and had a view at their prices and found the guy who I felt would help me the most. Once I had met up with the personal stylist we came up with a package that was suited to me which included two wardrobe consultations and a personal shop.

The wardrobe consultation: part 1

The wardrobe consultation was where the personal stylists looked at the clothes and accessories I already had and coming up with 10 outfit ideas as well as creating a list for the personal shop. This bit was great as it was in the comfort of my home, but it did mean that I had to try on a lot of clothes and telling them if I liked it or not and what kind of items would enhance the outfit. Now I didn’t have much clothes to try on so this only took 1 1/2 hours so the extra 30 minutes was added onto either the personal shop or the the second wardrobe consultation. 

Personal shop

The personal shop took about 4 hours which went incredibly fast! The first two hours was spent trying on clothes the stylist has put to the side in various shops which included blazers (my favourite item of clothing), jeans, tops and shoes. The accessories were bought from Primark and I got to choose what sort of styles I wanted but they helped structure my shop by saying that I should get a chunky and a long necklace as well as maybe some bracelets. I had a lot of fun with the intern on this day as she is studying at the same university as me so we had a lot in common which made this shop seem like I was shopping with my friends.

Wardrobe Consultation: part 2

The second consultation was a lot easier than the first as I knew what to expect. Not only that but we were able to create more outfits combining my current clothes and the new ones I have purchased. After numerous outfits were created, pictures were taken and this is where my personal stylist took the time to provide some wardrobe maintenance tips and tricks with my clothes.

Overall I really enjoyed this experience and I feel so much more confident when wearing clothes and putting outfits together.

Speak to you soon!


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