Relationships are not 50/50

It may come as a surprise to you, but no relationship can be 50/50, why? Well because that would mean individuals are keeping score on each other which is a very unhealthy habit. Why should you expect someone to do something nice for you in return because you did something nice the other day? Shouldn’t you just enjoy the now?

People get into relationships for different reasons, some go in one to be loved and others go in for love. Those who tend to go into one to be loved are usually people who do not love themselves yet. But I want to tell you that you can’t expect someone to love you for who you are, warts and all, if you cannot love yourself.

Once a person starts to love them self, both their mind and body, life becomes better. Most importantly, you start to have so much love you can’t help but pass it onto others, whether that be your partner, best friend, the stranger you met waiting at a bus- anyone!!

Let me know what you think, do you disagree?


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