I never have to shave again! Smooth Again Review

About 6 months ago I came across a wonderful product that exfoliates your skin and removes hair at the same time. Unfortunately the product I originally bought turned out to be not that great at removing hair so I gave up and went back to using a razor again. However, last week I found a company called Smooth Again who sold a similar product.


Due to my last encounter, obviously I was hesitant to buy from this new company as I had bad experiences with the last one. However the difference with Smooth Again is that they use Micro-crystal particles so it is a lot easier to get rid of hair.

The packs from Smooth Again cost Β£20 which includes a large pad for your legs and arms, plus a small pad for your bikini region and your face additionally they come with five large micro-crystal pads and five small micro-crystal pads. Since I already had the pads from the previous company I just bought the refills which was Β£5 and came with four of both the large and small micro-crystal pads.

How to use

So this product only works on dry skin and you use it in circular motions on the skin. It is advised to do five clockwise motions then anti-clockwise. Also when using it on your face and bikini area, just add a little talcum powder to absorb the oil before using the pad else you will end up going through your pads super-fast. Afterwards you may see that your skin has become white and look a little bit like a white walker from Game of Thrones. But don’t fear! Just add some moisturiser and you should be fine. This should last for a couple of weeks before you need to use it again but it depends on your hair regrowth rate.

Advantages of using this product is that you can do it whilst you’re watching TV as your skin needs to be dry, it doesn’t even smell and best of all your skin feels so soft that you won’t be able to keep your hands off your body (trust me, it feels great). In addition to this, because it exfoliates your skin it also makes your hair regrowth thinner and eliminates ingrowing hair. Disadvantages…not much to be honest, probably the fact that the product doesn’t come in different coloured applicators as currently they only sell them in pink. Overall this product is great for summer and is great for lazy people like me!

This product has changed my life, maybe it will change yours. If this product has interested you check it out here

Speak to you soon and stay smooth!


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