Love Brownies Review – the day I looked like a brownie

You have guessed it, Love Brownies is a company that sells brownies and boy do they taste great!

Now I am not one for reviewing food but this is something that everyone needs to be introduced to. This company uses locally sourced organic ingredients and bake their brownies individually. This means that they are lovely and hard on the top but gooey and chocolatey in the middle. Once you take a bite you will be taken to heaven (gooey chocolatey heaven that is).

These brownies are the perfect gift for someone you know and I hope that after reading this you will check them out HERE. Love Brownies ordering system is great! They let you choose the occasion, then you choose you flavour which can be the original chocolate brownie, rasberry and caramel fudge! Most importantly you can order them as gluten free so everyone can enjoy 🙂

Pros: They’re organic, use locally sourced ingredients and come in boxes that are perfect for birthday gifts or even for fathers day.

Cons: You can only buy them online or at certain gift fairs at the moment plus they don’t make white chocolate brownies.

Tip: Try and find out when Love Brownies will be at a fair close to you by clicking HERE as they do excellent deals on their brownie. So when I tried them I was able to get 10 brownies for £12 !

I hope you are able to give this company a try. Speak to you soon


6 thoughts on “Love Brownies Review – the day I looked like a brownie

  1. I love brownies though never fancy buying them as I’m always dubious about what chocolate’s in them so I usually make my own. I’m quite boring flavour wise and usually just add some Brazil nuts. I do like the sound of these though and organic chocolate is a bonus.


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