Picking up guys with your smile

Did you know that we have 7 seconds to make a strong first impression? Well in actual fact it is probably less than a second when you’re trying to find your suitable partner.

So what can you do to make that good impression? Simple evolutionary tactics my friend!

From an evolutionary stand point it has been suggested that males are more attracted to women who…

  • Smile
  • Have long hair
  • Have legs that appear to be longer than their torso (that’s where high heels come into play)

And many more, but I thought I would keep this post sweet and short 🙂

Someone who smiles shows that they’re happy, enjoying their company and can indicate that the person is healthy. In that sense, it shows that the person smiling is less likely to become mentally ill such as having depression. Which in an evolutionary perspective means that the woman will be able to look after the children.

Ok well maybe don’t try to smile like that

If a woman has long hair this symbolises youth and fertility. This is because as women age our hair thins and it becomes increasingly harder to have long hair. However, society is now contradicting this evolutionary theory as women are now sporting the pixie hair cut as well as women who are over 40 keeping their hair long due to beauty products and treatments (Not to mention hair extensions)


Finally, the age old long legs theory. Have you ever wondered why women wear high heels? Being a woman who hates to wear heels, I often ask myself this question, well research has suggested that its because males find women with longer legs more attractive. Therefore to add the illusion of this women will wear heels or even skinny jeans to create this look.


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