June Birchbox Review

Summer is officially here and to celebrate, Birchbox collaborated with French Sole, which is a designer shoe brand that sells lovely flat shoes, perfect for the summer weather. From the collaboration subscribers were given a choice for their French Sole themed box that comes with a shoe bag that matches the box!

2015-06-05 13.30.15

This month contained 7 items:

  1. No. 7 for Her  by English Laundry 
  2. Cucumbers Facial Wipes by Yes TO
  3. Super Moisturising Body Wash by Balance Me
  4. Protect & Detangle by Beauty Protector
  5. Glossy Kiss by Mireneese
  6. Temporary Metallic Tattoos by STYLondon
  7. Shoe bag from French Sole

2015-06-05 13.30.36

The first product in the box was No. 7 for Her, a sample perfume which was really nice to receive as I have been wanting a new perfume for a while. Since this product has been tweaked from the original No.7 for men I was a little hesitant that it would not smell that nice. But the flowery fragrance mixed with a hint of fruit was really nice. However, the smell did not last as long as I had hoped and probably only lasted a couple of hours. This is a BirchBox Exclusive and so for 50ml it would cost you £60. For something that doesn’t suit my body, I will not be buying it.


Cucumbers Facial Wipes I did not enjoy at all, they actually stung my face. This was not expected as they aim to gently remove makeup and dirt from skin and 98% of the ingredients are natural (the other 2% may be what made my skin sting). Therefore I will be giving these away to any friends that can use them.


Last month I received a body wash that claimed to be moisturising but smelt horrible (read here). However this one by Balance Me was really good! The product smelt so nice but I had to apply the product a couple of times as my skin is rather dry and so would not lather up properly. This left my skin really moisturised and I didn’t even feel like I had to moisturise afterwards. For £9 on BirchBox I would really recommend.


I feel like BirchBox are repeating themselves as I have already received a protect and detangle spray in my first box (read here). It was the same as the other one except this smelt like Lee Stafford hair spray so that was a really nice surprise. Since I saw no difference between the first detangle spray and this one I will rate it a ‘meh’ but it is slightly better due to the smell 🙂


I was really jealous that I didn’t receive a sample from Mirennesse last month so I was really excited to get one this time. I love this product as it comes as a pencil and was really nice and easy to apply. Not only that but when applied to the lips, a two-tone colour comes out and looks really good. The only problem is that this colour was not for me, it made my teeth look yellow (which is not a good look). It’s such a shame as I really like this, but I may try another colour when I run out of my current lipsticks.


I haven’t tried the temporary tattoos yet as I am waiting for the holidays. But I love that they have put something really different in the box and that they provided a step by step instructions on how to apply on your skin and use on your nails in the booklet BirchBox provide.


Finally I received the French Sole shoe bag which replaced the normal BirchBox bags they provide in their monthly boxes. I’m not sure what I am going to use my bag for yet as I don’t own any dolly shoes, but I may use it as a toiletry bag when I’m having sleepovers as it’s big enough to fit everything in.

Thank you for reading this review, I hope you found it helpful! Since I am feeling very summery, let me know in the comments what your plans for summer are 🙂 Speak to you soon!


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