Crazy Psychology Experiments

Hello! How are you doing today?

I thought I would talk about some of my favourite psychology experiments that came up with some crazy results in order to celebrate the fact that The Standford Prison Experiment will be coming out in theatres 17th July!

Standford Prison Experiment by Zimbardo

standford prison

This experiment was conducted in 1971 and aimed to simulate imprisonment. The planned two-week simulation was ended only 6 days because of what was happening to these students who took part in the simulation.

Students were either a prison guard or one of the prisoners. However, these prison guards started to turn sadistic and the prisoners started to become play toys in their mind. Additionally, Zimbardo who conducted the research into this simulation was also playing a part of a prison guard so failed to realise how dangerous this experiment started to become. After 36 hours one of the prisoners started to display emotional disturbance due to the guards who were abusing the inmates by forcing them to strip and perform press-ups in the early hours.

Little Albert by Watson

psychhw-little-albertThe experiment was to try and condition phobias into an emotionally stable child. Albert was 8 months old was conditioned to feel fear when there are furry animals in the room. Watson managed to do this by making loud banging sounds every time Albert touched the furry animal. Albert responded to this noise and eventually started to associate the loud sound to the furry animal.

This experiment wasn’t finished properly either because of the lack of consent from the mother who apparently withdrew Albert from the experiment before Watson could fully reverse the phobia.

The Well of Despair by Harlow

rhesus monkey

Harlow has been made famous for his Harlow’s monkey experiment. This experiment looked at how your attachment to your mother could minimise the risk of depression. Harlow did this by selecting monkey’s that had formed a bond with their mother and then put them into full isolation in a steel cage for over a year.

These monkeys unfortunately became psychotic meaning that even if the monkey came from a nurturing mother, it did not protect them from experiencing depression.

I hoped you enjoyed reading some crazy experiments, comment below telling me which one was your favourite.I will speak to you soon!


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