Troubles of a Summer Baby

This time next week, believe it or not I will be 20! That means I have spent 20 decades discovering the wonders this world has to give me. However, today something caught my eye and that was the fact that summer babies tend to receive poorer grades!

Now being a summer baby, I have never experienced this and I don’t think I should blame when I am born on how good or bad my grades are! But this isn’t the first article that has found evidence of summer babies struggling in education.

Various research has found that those born in summer tend to have poorer maths skills, they are more likely to develop dyslexia and are more prone to being bullied during their school years. But there has been little explanation as to why this is happening.

There are speculations that summer babies do not have enough time to develop before they are thrown into a school setting. Whereas others believe that dividing students by ability can cause these gaps in their learning.

In other words, these researchers cannot seem to agree as to what causes students to be a high achiever and a low achiever in school.

Well I hope you enjoyed this brief read about summer babies. Leave a comment below telling me whether you agree with this or not! Speak to you soon!


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