Am I a grown-up yet??

So as you know, I usually post a lot of random psychological and sometimes beauty posts but I didn’t quite feel like doing that sort of thing today.

On Wednesday I posted about The Troubles of a Summer Baby and since it isn’t long until my actual birthday I thought I would just talk about how I feel about turning 20. Which for the record, I’m not happy. I’m not happy because that means that I have spent roughly 16 years in education and this time next year I will be thrown into world of work. Although I am one of those people that likes to plan for the future, I never thought I would see the end of education so just like Peter Pan, I wan’t to go straight back to Neverland and never grow up!


However, now that I am starting to grow up I realise how good life can be and the importance of friendship. When I was younger I was one of those kids that didn’t really know how to talk to other kids without thinking that they hated me. But now-a-days I look back and think of how silly I was but that’s childhood I guess. Going to study up at Leeds though has made me find some amazing people, people who actually understood where I was coming from and liked my weird sense of humour. This was something I had never come across in the whole of my education until two years ago. It’s crazy, but university really has given me the best of friends. I think that if I hadn’t gone off to university, I would have never gained the confidence I have to socialise and be myself around people. I’m not sure what I’m trying to say but I think a part of me is very grateful that I took the leap of faith by going to university and now I’m having the time of my life!

Life is a one time trip, which is why I think if you ever have doubts you should always take that leap of faith and trust your heart. It doesn’t matter what happens because at least you know that later on you wont regret it ! Well.. after that sentimental moment I want to wish you a happy weekend and I will speak to you soon!


4 thoughts on “Am I a grown-up yet??

  1. Growing up and growing older are not always the same thing, don’t attach a number to being grown up. To me, you sound more grown up than a lot of the people I know who are significantly older than you.


  2. Your post has made me smile!! You’re just breaking out and I’m planning my retirement.. opposite ends of the work world!!
    Keep hold of the phrase ‘Leap of faith’ it’ll bear you in good stead for the years ahead. There will be opportunities you’ll linger over but take that Leap!! Some of the leaps may not work but more will and you’ll be a better person for it!


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