Jealous of my jewellery? I thought so

I found Clo Clo London through twitter as I saw some fellow bloggers tweeting about them. But when I found out that I got 20% off your first order including the stuff on the penny sale I leaped at the chance to buy some new jewellery!

I have never heard of a company do penny sales before so I as a bit reluctant as to the quality of the jewellery and a lot of the jewellery was out of stock by the time I got there waaah! 

So I managed to buy 7 items in total for only £16! Some in the penny sale and some not 🙂

Maya £4.99

I loved this Maya ring, since it was in gold and had the light pastel colours it gave a nice summery feel with my outfits. Plus it is very versatile as I have worn it out as day time wear and when I’m going out!

Giselle - 1p
Giselle  1p

I haven’t had chance to wear these yet but when I picked them up they felt quite heavy. Definitely something I will wear with some evening dresses if I am going out to a restaurant or some drinks with the girls.

Trisha 1p

If you look past the man hands you will see a ring, which I happened to have lost later that day due to me never wearing that type of ring before oops! Thankfully it only cost 1p so maybe when they have more of these in stock I may buy some more.

Melody £4.99
Melody £4.99

I love these earrings, I have probably worn these the most. The body of it has a lovely light pink colour in them which goes great with the gold outline. The only problem with this is that I do not like the backings as it has those white plastic circle on them no thank you! So when I can, I will replace those with some nicer ones.

Miriam 1p
Miriam 1p

I find these earrings rather gorgois ! I love the two colours, the top are a nice golden brown which cotrasts with the lovely coral pink. Little bit heavy but I will suffer through them for a lovely summer look!

Amara £3.99

I feel like this one is more of an autumn look with brown and green hues and a nice gold band. Although the picture doesn’t do it much justice. However, this one did not fit me as well as the other ring regardless of it being the same ring size huh?  So I managed to give this to my sister instead which she was more than happy to have.

20150711_163008Well I hope you enjoyed my first haul review. I will speak to you soon!


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