No more curry…please!!

I am a big curry lover but last week took it to another level.

On Thursday, we decided to go to a curry house in Droitwich which was great! I ordered something different to my usual and it was a really pleasant surprise! But as I was eating I had the sudden realisation that I was going to be going out for another curry the next day ooops! So I decided to grab some more garlic naan and asked for my left over curry to be put into a takeaway box.

Friday, possibly ruined curry for the rest of my life. It was the best Korma I have had in my life !! I was happily eating this Korma in Birmingham hoping that I would not be stuck in the loo when I got home. Which thankfully after two curries in a row did not happen which was great! ….Until Saturday

I thought I had manage to escape the curry by Saturday and thought that I would not be having curry now for quite a can see where I’m going, right?  Well someone in our household has decided to make lamb curry for tea that evening which meant that I would be having curry yet again! Now I am glad that I am used to curry but I honestly thought my stomach would not be coping well after three days of curry. Thank god I won’t have curry the next day! Oh…wait…

On Sunday I realised that I still had the left over curry from Thursday in the fridge. Luckily for me, I had it for lunch! oh god my stomach!  That was probably not a great idea when I was meeting a friend for Thai food that night. So instead of ordering more curry that evening I decided to switch it up with some lovely salad instead. I feel like the salad was so refreshing and I know my stomach definitely thanked me for not having even more curry, despite it being Thai.

So, word of warning, if you are not used to having curry do not attempt to have four days worth of curry. Comment below with your favourite type of curry 🙂 I will speak to you soon!


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