I no longer have sandpaper feet!

Usually when I look at my feet I feel like I need to immediately cover them with socks because they feel so dry and horrible!

However, after browsing through QVC a little bit of a guilty pleasure I found that they had Margaret Dabbs Foot Hygiene

   Excuse me for the wobbly photo, I was so excited when I got it I just had to try it straight away! I used this product to help relieve my sore, dry feet and since this had Tea Tree Oil in it, the product smelt really good!

The upside was that this product came with a spatula so I was able to get the wax like substance out of the pot. Especially since you only need a small amount for each foot which means that this product will be used for months!!

Now that I have been introduced to the lovely Margaret Dabbs I think I will now be using this brand more often and perhaps explore the hand option 🙂

Anyway, this is a quick review hopefully you enjoyed reading it and I will talk to you soon !! x

p.s. if you liked this review why not check out my previous one here 


One thought on “I no longer have sandpaper feet!

  1. Omg this blog has changed my life! I was thinking of committing suicide by being pulled apart by two horses, but now I’m going to live my life by everything you post. Someday I would like to meet you and start a friendship with you.


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