My boss is a psychopath!

The media has managed to change people’s perceptions of what a psychopath actually looks like.

There are several misconceptions of what a psychopath actually is. Some people will jump to the image of Hannibal Lecter


But in actual fact, psychopaths live undetected around us. Most psychopaths do not live up to the stereotypes of them being mass murderers, violent and have at some point in their lives been convicted of a crime. In fact, the scariest part is that most psychopaths are excellent leaders and are very good at manipulating others; traits that are desirable for highly paid positions in a company. However, there are signs that you can use to see if your boss is a psychopath.

Work place bully

One sign that someone is a psychopath is that they are usually the main contributor to workplace bullying. He/She may also play on other people’s emotions in order to achieve what they want from other people.

Micro management

This is where becoming a leader is great for any psychopath. They like to move people around, unnecessary workplace rearrangements, monitoring toilet and cigarette breaks – or any kind of breaks for that matter! If you feel like you’re being micro managed then watch out!

Single as a Pringle (other crisps available)

Unfortunately, psychopaths aren’t very good at feeling emotions but can mimic emotions pretty well. But since mimicking can only get you so far, romantic relationships tend to break down pretty quickly. This means that although they can find partners quite fast due to their charm, they find it hard to maintain them.

Well I hope you enjoyed reading this quick post about psychopaths. Speak to you soon!


5 thoughts on “My boss is a psychopath!

    • Well I hope my post was enjoyable to read 🙂 Sadly I could mention the criteria as there are 15 traits all together and some can get people confused with individuals who have anti-social personality disorder.


  1. Many, perhaps most politicians are psychopaths. Psychopaths are approximately 4 percent of the population, this means 12 million psychopaths in the US alone. They gravitate to positions of control and power, and make the rest of us suffer from their neurological selfishness and lack of conscience. We need to MRI test policy makers.


    • Hi Tina, may I remind you that psychopathology is a mental illness just like depression and anxiety.

      I feel that screening would just discriminate those people whereas instead what we should be doing is becoming more aware about psychopathic traits in order to help those people


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