I have a sister and I am not afraid to use her!

Having a close knit family always has their uses, especially if you have a sibling. However, family cannot always fight your battles unfortunately.

For example, this week I had to deal with my phone company about an expensive bill they charged me eugh. I never learnt how to really deal with complaining and it is certainly an adult activity that’s for sure! But from listening to my mother enough times I realised certain phrases that I could use to stick up for myself whilst talking to customer services thank you mum!! 

But I realised when I joined uni that learning how to complain was not the only adult thing I hadn’t learnt from my family. Stuff such as how to spend your money not on clothes apparently. That also includes how to manage money such as setting up gas and electric bills and paying them on time. I honestly wouldn’t mind turning back the years and being 10 years old again, that way the only thing that I would have to worry about is party invites and if my friend Milly was still my friend ahh life was so much easier! 

Is there something you feel you had to learn yourself? If so comment below 🙂 I will speak to you soon!


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