Finding Mr. Wrong

Ladies, have you ever realised that sometimes you fancy some really butch man and other times a really sensitive and attentive one?

Well science has now given us the answer why this happens! The answer is the beautiful(ly annoying) menstrual cycle. Depending where you are in your cycle it can affect what type of male you are attracted to although I think I am always partial to a bit of Tom Hardy. 

Let me explain…

If you are ovulating erg horrible name then apparently women are more attracted to a guy who is the stereotypical male because these guys are the ones who will do the nasty with you and help produce a baby.

However during your time of the month my favourite excuse for eating junk food ladies are more attracted to those slightly more feminine guy. You know the ones. They are probably those guys you have friend zoned and then during this time you may fancy for a week or two then realise that you fancy your best friend..awkward. Definitely NOT me …


Hopefully this snippet of information will be useful for you, so you can use it to your advantage perhaps when you do not want to get in sticky situations with you guy best friends 😉

Comment below with your celebrity man crush and I will speak to you soon!


3 thoughts on “Finding Mr. Wrong

  1. Oh well, glad it wasn’t just me. I thought I had a bipolar issue! I usually love and adore Brad Pitt even though he’s old, and I’ve been trying to remember which cute guy have I ever liked? Like a cute and girly… And can only think of when I really young and I liked Nick from the backstreet boys hahahaha! All part of my dark dark past 😉


  2. […] There are many ways to find out on your date whether you and that other person are compatible. But research has shown that kissing could be the ultimate way to find out whether you are sexually attracted to this person and if they are a suitable partner. Or not as it can turn out….which is what I talk about in my post Finding Mr. Wrong […]


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