Walking Among Butterflies

Last week I travelled back up to Leeds to see some friends. Whilst I was there, I managed to go to Tropical World ! I must admit, as I was waiting in line I felt very out of place not bringing a child with us, however, we are all children at heart so why does that matter? Well, I was wrong to feel out of place because Tropical World wasn’t just for children thank goodness

First off, the price of the ticket was only £5 for an adult ticket and since you could return more than once that same day it was well worth the money! Plus since it was typical British weather I was so happy to hear that everything was indoors

Walking among butterflies has always been my favourite thing and I was so happy to spend however long I wanted taking pictures and attempting to get a butterfly to land on me. Then we walked passed a crocodile a baby one too! So cute :3 sadly that was crowded with the children so I couldn’t stay there for long. But Tropical World also offered a room to walk among birds, taking a look at piranhas and other reptiles plus some gorgeous owl monkeys!  2015-08-14 11.33.48

Oh..and not forgetting meerkats 😀 Seriously so cute! But unfortunately I can’t show you those photo’s since there were a lot of children gathering round the entire space but here, have this one!

Just goes to show that it doesn’t matter what age you are, you are never too old to go to Tropical World so if you are ever in Leeds. Check it out!! Let me know what places you have been to this summer, I will speak to you soon!


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