Keeping that spark alive with three simple tricks

Starting a new relationship means that you will encounter the honeymoon stage. This is where you two are still infatuated and everything is coming up roses sigh what a good feeling huh? 

So, what if I said that there are ways to keep that honeymoon feeling alive. Interested? Sure you are 🙂


Do you remember when you first got together and you were going out nearly all the time? But now you just stay in and watch some tv. Well research has shown that taking time out of your busy lives to just go out and enjoy each others company away from technology it can keep that spark alive.


So going back to spending time with each other away from technology…. couples who read to each other at night stay together longer than couples who don’t. Imagine falling to sleep, cuddling up to your other half whilst they read you to sleep. Absolute bliss 🙂

Spend time apart! 

As a couple you need to spend time apart so you have time to miss each other which is how you feel constantly during the honeymoon stage. Plan a day out with your friends or go on an adventure by yourself !

I have only mentioned three points in this post because I like to keep things short and sweet, just like you! ❤ so, leave me a comment if you would like to know more! Speak to you soon 🙂


7 thoughts on “Keeping that spark alive with three simple tricks

  1. Those points are spot on. It’s sometimes difficult to extend the honeymoon phase or create a more sustainable version of it, but sharing the knowledge of how that can be achieved is a must.


  2. […] So, back to my holiday! Today’s post is going to be very lazy because of it and that is why there are no pictures. Sorry not sorry. But if this did not excite you, try reading my other posts I have just published you had me at ‘hello’ I have a sister and I am not afraid to use her! or why not try keeping that spark alive with three simple tricks […]


  3. great points, I remember when dating, we were going out now, we are literally staying at home and watching movies 😛 I wish there was more time for going to different places and see things



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