Are you kissing the right person??

There are many ways to find out on your date whether you and that other person are compatible. But research has shown that kissing could be the ultimate way to find out whether you are sexually attracted to this person and if they are a suitable partner. Or not as it can turn out….which is what I talk about in my post Finding Mr. Wrong

Why is kissing so great you ask? Well, it is because a single kiss can produce several hormones all at once. That is, if you are kissing the right person. If you are kissing someone that …well..lets put it nicely, feels like you are kissing your brother. That is because when you kiss your ‘brother’ those pleasure hormones aren’t being produced at all.


Right that’s enough talk about awkward kissing. Lets get to the good stuff!!

When you kiss the right person various hormones will be released. Such as oxytocin which is thought to reduce stress and increase levels of trust, explains why you feel so calm about kissing them afterwards. Dopamine which is a rewarding hormone is also released as you are kissing that perfect person ❤ So these two hormones are very important as they are the ones responsible for letting you know whether you two are compatible or not.

Can you remember your first kiss? Let me know in the comments below and I will speak to you very soon!


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