Calling all freshers!

So now that I am going into my third year sob sob I realised that some of you guys will be freshers this year!! Honestly, I do not know where the time has gone, I swear I was a fresher a couple of months ago. So with all my wisdom I shall give you some advice of what I wish I knew when going to university.

Join societies !

so when I was a fresher I only joined two societies and the first one has done nothing at all (something I’m hoping will change this third year) and the second just ended up closing after 3 weeks…awkward. So I wish I had joined a couple more societies in order to meet people! Seriously these societies will allow you to find like minded people that enjoy the same activity as you. So take advantage during freshers fair to join about 4 societies. Any more and you may have a lot of juggling on your hands! Any less and you risk repeating my mistake (not good fresh meat, not good).

Do not buy a tv licence

Do not buy a tv licence until you have moved in properly. This is because you can see if the tv has an aerial port and if you will even have time for tv! If you are wanting to watch tv, I suggest to watch it live on your laptop because you will still be under your parents tv licence! That is if you haven’t got your laptop plugged into any mains. So that is one money saving tip for you 🙂

Budget, Scrimp and Save

You will find that if you do not budget for nights out you may quickly lose all of your loan by the end of freshers week ! (do not be that person!!) Buying own brands can taste the same as any named brand so be a scrimper and save that way! Or like I did, share the costs of a food shop with friends and cook group meals.

Work hard, play hard

Just like that great song, you need to work hard first year to set that work ethic because second year is where your motivation drops, so try to get into the habit of grafting. But whilst you aren’t in the library play hard! It is your first year without curfews and being questioned by your parents why you are home so late so enjoy the freedom!

Bring your home with you

You will get home sick, especially with those pesky hangovers. So having photos of friends, posters and that cuddly toy that you cuddle up to will be a godsend when you are homesick. Plus it will feel more like home rather than just a room you are staying in for a year.

2014-06-19 09.18.22
I don’t think you want your room to look this bare

Don’t pack too much clothes

If you are anything like me, you buy clothes quite often. So try not to bring your whole wardrobe up with you. Ask yourself will you wear this over the winter cold months? or are they summer clothes? Chances are, if they are your summer clothes don’t bring them up until next semester. Your wardrobe will probably be small when you move in so having clothes you wont wear until 6 months later there is no point bringing it up until Semester 2!

Well freshers, I hope that you enjoy your first taste of freedom. I will speak to you soon!


2 thoughts on “Calling all freshers!

  1. I’m going into my third year too 😦 Great tips, I definitely did not save properly in my first year haha. I also seriously regret not joining more societies etc. when I first got to uni.. it’s a lot harder to join in later on :/ Fab post 🙂

    Laura @ What’s Hot?


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