6 Ways To Let Them Know You Love Them

You can talk the talk but sometimes you need to show someone just how much they mean to you. So I am going to try and give you 6 idea’s on how to let them know that you love them

  1. If you aren’t the one that usually cooks the meals, why not make something delicious! 

    I'm not an amazing cook but I helped make lasagne
    I’m not an amazing cook but I helped make lasagne
  2. Buy the occasional inexpensive present. This could be their favourite chocolate or even some ice cream. (fyi my favourite gift is some magic stars..just in case you need to know)
  3. When an argument occurs keep your tone soft. Shouting can only lead to making the situation worse and can ultimately lead to saying stuff neither of you actually mean. This is a different way of showing that you care but I am sure your partner will appreciate it in the long run.yell
  4. Compliment your partner at least once a day. A compliment can go a long way, especially if they are having a bad day. so nice in that shirt
  5. Take the time out to ask how their day has gone. Communication is the key and listening to your partner is very important in a relationship.
  6. Act as if you love them. I know that this can come hard to some people but there are loads of simple things that you can do. Running them a bath after a long day at work, giving them a kiss every morning and evening, just giving them a text to let them know you are thinking about them during the day or even taking them out for a meal instead of staying in. 

These should be a good start place but finding your own ways to show your partner just how you feel will make it all that bit more special. Speak to you soon!


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