Finding Mr. Wrong

Ladies, have you ever realised that sometimes you fancy some really butch man and other times a really sensitive and attentive one?

Well science has now given us the answer why this happens! The answer is the beautiful(ly annoying) menstrual cycle. Depending where you are in your cycle it can affect what type of male you are attracted to although I think I am always partial to a bit of Tom Hardy. 

Let me explain…

If you are ovulating erg horrible name then apparently women are more attracted to a guy who is the stereotypical male because these guys are the ones who will do the nasty with you and help produce a baby.

However during your time of the month my favourite excuse for eating junk food ladies are more attracted to those slightly more feminine guy. You know the ones. They are probably those guys you have friend zoned and then during this time you may fancy for a week or two then realise that you fancy your best friend..awkward. Definitely NOT me …


Hopefully this snippet of information will be useful for you, so you can use it to your advantage perhaps when you do not want to get in sticky situations with you guy best friends 😉

Comment below with your celebrity man crush and I will speak to you soon!


I have a sister and I am not afraid to use her!

Having a close knit family always has their uses, especially if you have a sibling. However, family cannot always fight your battles unfortunately.

For example, this week I had to deal with my phone company about an expensive bill they charged me eugh. I never learnt how to really deal with complaining and it is certainly an adult activity that’s for sure! But from listening to my mother enough times I realised certain phrases that I could use to stick up for myself whilst talking to customer services thank you mum!! 

But I realised when I joined uni that learning how to complain was not the only adult thing I hadn’t learnt from my family. Stuff such as how to spend your money not on clothes apparently. That also includes how to manage money such as setting up gas and electric bills and paying them on time. I honestly wouldn’t mind turning back the years and being 10 years old again, that way the only thing that I would have to worry about is party invites and if my friend Milly was still my friend ahh life was so much easier! 

Is there something you feel you had to learn yourself? If so comment below 🙂 I will speak to you soon!

My boss is a psychopath!

The media has managed to change people’s perceptions of what a psychopath actually looks like.

There are several misconceptions of what a psychopath actually is. Some people will jump to the image of Hannibal Lecter


But in actual fact, psychopaths live undetected around us. Most psychopaths do not live up to the stereotypes of them being mass murderers, violent and have at some point in their lives been convicted of a crime. In fact, the scariest part is that most psychopaths are excellent leaders and are very good at manipulating others; traits that are desirable for highly paid positions in a company. However, there are signs that you can use to see if your boss is a psychopath.

Work place bully

One sign that someone is a psychopath is that they are usually the main contributor to workplace bullying. He/She may also play on other people’s emotions in order to achieve what they want from other people.

Micro management

This is where becoming a leader is great for any psychopath. They like to move people around, unnecessary workplace rearrangements, monitoring toilet and cigarette breaks – or any kind of breaks for that matter! If you feel like you’re being micro managed then watch out!

Single as a Pringle (other crisps available)

Unfortunately, psychopaths aren’t very good at feeling emotions but can mimic emotions pretty well. But since mimicking can only get you so far, romantic relationships tend to break down pretty quickly. This means that although they can find partners quite fast due to their charm, they find it hard to maintain them.

Well I hope you enjoyed reading this quick post about psychopaths. Speak to you soon!

I no longer have sandpaper feet!

Usually when I look at my feet I feel like I need to immediately cover them with socks because they feel so dry and horrible!

However, after browsing through QVC a little bit of a guilty pleasure I found that they had Margaret Dabbs Foot Hygiene

   Excuse me for the wobbly photo, I was so excited when I got it I just had to try it straight away! I used this product to help relieve my sore, dry feet and since this had Tea Tree Oil in it, the product smelt really good!

The upside was that this product came with a spatula so I was able to get the wax like substance out of the pot. Especially since you only need a small amount for each foot which means that this product will be used for months!!

Now that I have been introduced to the lovely Margaret Dabbs I think I will now be using this brand more often and perhaps explore the hand option 🙂

Anyway, this is a quick review hopefully you enjoyed reading it and I will talk to you soon !! x

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No more curry…please!!

I am a big curry lover but last week took it to another level.

On Thursday, we decided to go to a curry house in Droitwich which was great! I ordered something different to my usual and it was a really pleasant surprise! But as I was eating I had the sudden realisation that I was going to be going out for another curry the next day ooops! So I decided to grab some more garlic naan and asked for my left over curry to be put into a takeaway box.

Friday, possibly ruined curry for the rest of my life. It was the best Korma I have had in my life !! I was happily eating this Korma in Birmingham hoping that I would not be stuck in the loo when I got home. Which thankfully after two curries in a row did not happen which was great! ….Until Saturday

I thought I had manage to escape the curry by Saturday and thought that I would not be having curry now for quite a can see where I’m going, right?  Well someone in our household has decided to make lamb curry for tea that evening which meant that I would be having curry yet again! Now I am glad that I am used to curry but I honestly thought my stomach would not be coping well after three days of curry. Thank god I won’t have curry the next day! Oh…wait…

On Sunday I realised that I still had the left over curry from Thursday in the fridge. Luckily for me, I had it for lunch! oh god my stomach!  That was probably not a great idea when I was meeting a friend for Thai food that night. So instead of ordering more curry that evening I decided to switch it up with some lovely salad instead. I feel like the salad was so refreshing and I know my stomach definitely thanked me for not having even more curry, despite it being Thai.

So, word of warning, if you are not used to having curry do not attempt to have four days worth of curry. Comment below with your favourite type of curry 🙂 I will speak to you soon!

Do you want to get the guy? Communicate confidently with a simple trick

Have you ever wanted to talk to someone but you didn’t know what to say?

Have you started to type but it didn’t look perfect so you deleted it several times?

Well…you aren’t alone! But now there is a trick to communicating, especially online and you may be familiar with it.

What is it? I hear you ask. Well its emoticons! 🙂 This is a new phenomenon where psychologists have found that our brains are starting to recognise emoticons as actual emotions! That means that a smiley face will produce a feeling of happiness in the person receiving the message. Not only that but the annoying LOL and OMG can be replaced by these simple emoticons to express effectively what you want to say and the person will subconsciously react to those as if you were right in front of them crazy, huh? 

This means that you can use emoticons to say how much you like them without putting it into words and they are more likely to reciprocate than shut you down as it produces an emotional response.

I don’t know about you, but I have been trying it out and I have found that it works better than words! Especially when your talking to your girl friends!

Let me know in the comments how you get on and I will speak to you soon!!

Jealous of my jewellery? I thought so

I found Clo Clo London through twitter as I saw some fellow bloggers tweeting about them. But when I found out that I got 20% off your first order including the stuff on the penny sale I leaped at the chance to buy some new jewellery!

I have never heard of a company do penny sales before so I as a bit reluctant as to the quality of the jewellery and a lot of the jewellery was out of stock by the time I got there waaah! 

So I managed to buy 7 items in total for only £16! Some in the penny sale and some not 🙂

Maya £4.99

I loved this Maya ring, since it was in gold and had the light pastel colours it gave a nice summery feel with my outfits. Plus it is very versatile as I have worn it out as day time wear and when I’m going out!

Giselle - 1p
Giselle  1p

I haven’t had chance to wear these yet but when I picked them up they felt quite heavy. Definitely something I will wear with some evening dresses if I am going out to a restaurant or some drinks with the girls.

Trisha 1p

If you look past the man hands you will see a ring, which I happened to have lost later that day due to me never wearing that type of ring before oops! Thankfully it only cost 1p so maybe when they have more of these in stock I may buy some more.

Melody £4.99
Melody £4.99

I love these earrings, I have probably worn these the most. The body of it has a lovely light pink colour in them which goes great with the gold outline. The only problem with this is that I do not like the backings as it has those white plastic circle on them no thank you! So when I can, I will replace those with some nicer ones.

Miriam 1p
Miriam 1p

I find these earrings rather gorgois ! I love the two colours, the top are a nice golden brown which cotrasts with the lovely coral pink. Little bit heavy but I will suffer through them for a lovely summer look!

Amara £3.99

I feel like this one is more of an autumn look with brown and green hues and a nice gold band. Although the picture doesn’t do it much justice. However, this one did not fit me as well as the other ring regardless of it being the same ring size huh?  So I managed to give this to my sister instead which she was more than happy to have.

20150711_163008Well I hope you enjoyed my first haul review. I will speak to you soon!